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The Power of the Seed

As I write the title of this blog post, I can't help but think that it is a bit odd to talk about "the power of the seed."

How powerful can a seed be?

When I think of power, my mind conjures up images of marching armies, tanks, maybe even nuclear bombs. Maybe I've watched too many war movies.

How about the halls of congress, where laws are written and decisions are made that change our lives? Surely these things speak of power. But a seed? Really?

Speaking of the power of a seed goes against most rational thought. A seed is exceptionally small. It is dry and hard, seemingly dead. If it is like most seeds, it is quite lacking in color, appearing to have little or no connection to any living thing.

But, we know from experience that when a seed is placed in the ground, something magical happens. The outer shell softens, breaks open, and from inside the seed something begins to swell. Soon, a tiny sprout emerges. Somehow, that insignificant sprout makes its way toward the sur…