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Absolute Truth

Ignore it at your own peril. Embrace it and live.

In the 21st century, it seems like everything is relative. It all depends...we say. That's your opinion...we say. I believe...we say.

I put before you a simple statement: we must know - and live - the truth, or in the end, we will have a sad awakening.
Here's a silly example that I hope will help me make my point.

If I look at a chair and say that it is a treadmill, is that OK? I could stand on the chair and move my feet up and down, racking up as many steps as I wanted. "See," I say, "it is a treadmill." If I believe that it is a treadmill, and use it as one, does that make me right? No. It makes me foolish, ignorant, uninformed, and possibly stubborn.

Would I not be better off to ask myself, "could this be a chair?"
Would I be hurting my self image and worth by admitting that I may have missed the truth?

When I read the gospels, I often ask myself, how the Pharisees could have been so blind. Cou…


Back in April I heard Todd White speak at the FCA Convention. Todd is a man of moderate height, built like a Mack truck, with dreadlocks cascading most of the way down his back. He was an atheist and drug addict for 20-some years before being radically saved by Jesus while in Teen Challenge. He now travels the world, in his words, "destroying hell for a living." He prays for nearly everyone he encounters, flows in more or less nonstop words of knowledge, and has seemingly endless energy for spreading the gospel from one end of the world to the other. He is a Holy Spirit wrecking ball on a mission to bring the Lost into the kingdom. At the end of his sermon on the first night of the convention he said, "Is everyone in here a Christian? You should be by now." Then he pointed to a guy halfway back on one side of the auditorium and said, "You, in the red shirt, you don't know Jesus. Get down here right now." The guy walked down front and fell into Todd we…