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Embrace the Joy

I have many fond memories of my little dog, Ernie. One of my favorites was the way he would show his excitement and joie de vivre. (Yes, a dog can show joie de vivre, probably better than a human can, certainly more often!) 

I'm sure Ernie's enthusiasm wasn't extraordinary in the way of dogs, and many dog owners have seen their dogs do this very thing; Ernie would run around me, a tight little circle about 20-30 feet across, as fast as he could go.  When he was done, he would sink down on his front paws, ready to leap either way, hoping to entice me to play with him. 

It made me so happy to see him enjoying himself like that! It always made me smile. Sometimes it made me laugh. It meant even more because Ernie was a three-legged dog.  In reality, this meant he could only circle in one direction.  If he tried to go the other way, he'd fall over, but he seemed completely oblivious to that fact.  He was just happy he could be outside, he could run, and he could be with me.