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Get Ready to Fly

He Wouldn't Give Up As I walked down to our mailbox a few days ago, I noticed a small caterpillar crawling along over the rocks. The wind was gusting up to about 30 miles an hour that day, but the little caterpillar kept crawling along.
At times, the wind actually picked the lightweight, fuzzy little guy up and he skittered several feet across the road. Every time the wind lifted him up, when he hit the ground, he just kept crawling in the same direction. Nothing seemed to bother him. He just kept going.

If the little caterpillar stopped crawling because it was too windy, he certainly would have died there on that barren road, which was utterly devoid of food or shelter. Instead, he kept crawling, moving toward some unseen, and likely unknown, destination. 
Like the caterpillar, we often don't know what's up ahead for us. But unlike the caterpillar, we tend to fret and worry, sometimes to the point that we stop moving at all.

But the simple truth of the matter is that if …

One Hundred Times Return

What if I told you about an investment you could make that would yield one hundred times your original investment? Maybe even more? Well, if you believed me, you would be asking me for more details and signing the papers. This post tells you exactly how to do that, but let me be clear; we are not talking about finance.

We are talking about LIFE. 
Spring is the season when farmers kick things into high gear. The fields are black and the soil is warming up. It is time to get the seed into the ground if there is going to be a harvest come fall.

I grew up on a farm, so the topic of spring seeding is near and dear to my heart, one that I have spent countless hours thinking about while out on the tractor.
Consider the farmer with thirty bushels of wheat seed stored in his shed. It is perfectly good grain that could be used for feed, or ground into flour and then made into bread. However, that same wheat could be used to plant about fifteen acres and in about four months, yield sixty-five …