Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Poem for Bikers

There's no better way to view the beauty of God's creation
than from the seat of a motorcycle.
At Bethel Assembly's first Blessing of the Bikes, Canadian biker Keith Braun shared an original poem, "This Biking Life." Enjoy.

As we cruise along for just the ride
Down roads alone or with friends beside
Basking in the sun and breeze
The filtered light through all Your trees
Help us Lord to understand
While we travel here across Your land
That we’re also here at Your command.

On broad avenues or down winding lanes
The rumble of engines like distant trains
The sound and wind that lullaby
The ride and bring that biker’s high
Create for me a two-wheeled hymn
Keeping soul and mind in trim
And showing me that it’s from Him.

All this world’s made at Your pleasure
For all Your creatures in equal measure
Help us then as we cross Your realm 
To keep You firmly at the helm
Of our two-wheeled chariots on the road
Remind us Lord that which You told
That in serving You we shall be bold.

Your Son’s command, before He went
Was that we should be willing to be sent
As you go, share what you know
Giving to others as you grow
Sharing the truth that our God is here
On the winding road, free from fear
Knowing You long to hold us near.

On through the curves we love to glide 
And up across that next divide
Soaring through the sun-drenched day
Wishing all the same could stay
Riding with brothers and sisters too
Who love You just the way we do
Knowing that You are forever true.

Help me Father to share Your light
With those You bring into my sight
Help them to see Your love and grace
With which You meet us face to face
Show me along the road today
Some friend, and tell me what to say
To share Your love in a healing way.

May Your light shining through the trees
Again help to bring us to our knees
And in visiting this great creation
Keep us yet in adoration
In thankfulness for all You’ve done
For sending us Your only Son
And for Your Spirit who makes us one.

By Keith Braun

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  1. The photo for this blog post was from a motorcycle trip that we took to the Black Hills. Ronn and I went with several other bikers including Bob and Becky Overmoe, Deb and Ken Penner, Hollis and Vickie Graves, and Carol and Keith Braun, author of this poem.


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